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Mistress Matisse, Seattle professional dominatrix, writer, and sex worker's rights activist, talks about BDSM, polyamory, sex work, and her life as a sexual outlaw. Adults only!

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Twisted Monk Talks About Responding To Recent Fetlife Controversy

Mistress Matisse listens and talks with Twisted Monk, as he discusses the problems of women on Fetlife being targeted for data-scraping and reposting by online harassers, and possible responses that users can make to that. This is a serious topic, and it is intended to spark more conversations. For example: how can we create more safety for people online? And how do we respond to businesses who claim to be part of the BDSM community, but aren't responsive to the needs of that community?
About 16 minute

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This is an informal test podcast, about 12 minutes. Monk and I talk about one time when I walked in on him when he was getting ready for a BDSM session in my space, and the things were not...quite what I expected. #sexwork #BDSM

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