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Mistress Matisse, Seattle professional dominatrix, writer, and sex worker's rights activist, talks about BDSM, polyamory, sex work, and her life as a sexual outlaw. Adults only!

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A fresh podcast! And I think this one gets to a new high in completely non-serious silly riffing.


First, there’s a whole bunch of insane nonsense about doing an all-musical-version of the podcast. (Which makes no sense, don’t try to figure it out.)


Then a reader asks us about making kink toys out of everyday thing – so we riff about pervertables, always a fun topic. And Monk offers us all the reasons why rope is so wonderful.


Then we read a letter from a kinky reader asking us why BDSM people don’t like to kiss. (We kid the guy a bit, but then, we do that to everyone.)


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Kinky Lovers and Humiliation Play In this podcast, Monk and I read and answer a letter about how to meet kinky romantic partners, and then a letter from a woman who is struggling with her feelings about humiliation in BDSM porn and erotica, and who is wondering if being African-American is part of that.

Take-home quote: "It's only porn if you make money from it. If you're not going to make any money from it, it's not porn, it's erotica."

(Ten minutes, definitely not work safe.)
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Sex Negative Sex Workers, and Fisting I wasn’t going to upload this last podcast. But Monk says I’m being silly. And lord knows, I need the blog-content, I've been way too busy to write much lately.

So, I am ignoring a voice in the back of my head that says it’s slightly undignified. Unladylike, in fact.

Yes, I know – I don’t feel the slightest qualm about posting photos of myself sticking needles in people. That's perfectly dignified. It's <span style="font-style: italic;">kinky,</span> but it's not undignified.

But I do feel that it is slightly undignified to post slightly-tipsy rants about one of my pet topics: Crazy People And Sex Work.

Just to be clear – thank you, President Obama – I am not disclaiming the basic opinions I express here. I just wish I had voiced them a trifle less profanely and a trifle less… stridently. Whoops.

There's also a whole side conversation about fisting, in which I make an ill-advised personal disclosure.

Thus, I bring to a close the era of cocktails while podcasting. Enjoy us in all our ranty glory, the next round will be far more calm, sober and public-radio-esque. (Well, I will be, at least. I cannot speak for Monk.)

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Polyamory Letters and Questions

First letter: when to disclose to a potential new partner that you are poly, if they don’t know already.
And then: dealing with weirdness from your partner’s other partners. (AKA “metamours”.)

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Fast and Dirty Bondage In this podcast, we do a lot of silly banter about needles and being naked in bed, and then Monk reads a letter about how to do fast, easy rope bondage during a resistance play scene, and I make some comments about securing someone who is larger than you. After that, I verbally slap around someone who wants me to do their kinky thinking for them. About 16 minutes.
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Poly Time Management and Young Poly
Questions about Polyamory: Time-management for poly people: how many partners is too many? And the difficulty of finding polyamorous partners when you're young. (Meaning: in your twenties.)
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Bondage and Kink In Long Term Relationships After way too long of an interval - blame it on our busy schedules - Monk and I got together in the zombie-proof sound studio and recorded some silly rants.
This one is a little short, only about seven minutes. It's a letter from a reader who asks about sustaining BDSM energy in a long-term relationship. Enjoy!
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Apples and Oranges: Comparing Your Partners In Polyamory In this one, Monk and I read letters about polyamory. First we talk about the not-so-good idea of comparing your partners. "Why can't Partner B be more like Partner A." Then Monk talks a little about his wife Tambo - and explains why he hardly ever talks about her. (Hint: She is Keyser Soze.)
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Safewords, and BDSM With Hearing-Impaired Partners In this podcast, first we read a letter about safewords, and make mention of my two favorite safewords: vomit and lawsuit. I promise, those two words will capture any top's attention, anytime.

We also talk about the challenges of doing BDSM with a partner who is hearing-impaired. I make a verbal slip at one point that I must correct: I mistakenly say, "They can hear ME," which is not what I meant. I meant: a hearing-impaired person can talk, and I can hear THEM. Whoops.
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Staplers and Canes and Dildos, Oh My! Monk and I talk about bdsm toys we love.
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